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"Photography is a very important part of my space… it is to discover, it is to capture giving flow to what the heart feels and sees in a certain moment, it is being in the street, experiencing, understanding, learning and, essentially, practicing the freedom of being, of living, of thinking…”

Born in April 1953, Portugal. Living in Lisbon. Photography is a hobby since the 14 years of age, with great interruptions up to 2001, since then almost all the time is devoted to street photography.



VI National Context of "“Fotografia do Município da Moita"”, 1987 "

Salão Nacional de Arte Fotográfica", 1992

“Nós, Rostos, Visões", Seixal, 2001

"Fotografia em português" –, Almada, 2001

"Alentejo Mundo Rural”", 2002

”Mulheres" da revista Cais, 2002

“Glamour popular”, Bienal “Monsaraz Museu Aberto

International Exposition 2007 - Rome

“Metro Photo Challenge", international exhibition, November/December 2008

“Fotografia de autor", Jerez, Spain, 2009 -

NGO Larsa Humanrights Exhibition, Bagdad, Iraq, 2011 - Ministery of Culture of Iraq exhibition, exhibited at Iraq Ministery of Culture and Heritage in Baghdad, exhibition inaugurated by Her Excelency the Minister of Culture Dr. Saadoun al-Dolaimi, 2011


"Glances", 2001 in Carlos Vilas’'s laboratory

“Instantes e coisas tais”, 2002 in Espaço à p’'Arte

"Expressões&instantes", 2003 in Foto-Flash Laboratory

“Crescer com Dignidade”, 2004 in Espaço Santa Catarina – - Palácio Cabral

“Crescer com Dignidade", 2004 in Centro Cultural Juvenil de Santo Amaro

“Urbanices e coisas tais", 2005 in Espaço Santa Catarina – - Palácio Cabral

“Urbanices e coisas tais II", 2007 in Espaço Finanças

"Tributo”, 2010 in Estudio14a

"Street Photography", 2013 in Galeria Colorfoto, Lisboa

"Street Photography", 2013 in Galeria Colorfoto, Porto

"A rua desceu à praia", 2013 in Pensão Sisudo, Almoçageme - Permanent Exhibition

"Pelas Ruas de Macau", 2015 in Delegação de Turismo de Macau

"Pelas Ruas de Macau", 2015 in Forum Cultural de Alcochete, Alcochete

"Pelas Ruas de MAcau", 2016 in Museu de Ovar, Ovar

"Pelas Ruas de Macau", 2016 in Galeria da CML Torres Vedras, Torres Vedras

"Urbanices", 2016 in Galeria Malangatana, ISPA, Lisboa

"Pelas Ruas de Macau", 2016 in Museu de Évora, Évora

"Por aí...", 2016/2017 Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita, Barreiro


Gold medal in slide category - Concurso Nacional de Fotografia Município da Moita, 1987

Silver medal, Salão Nacional de Arte Fotográfica, 1992

Gold medal, 4º Salão Internacional CAF Internet SICAFI 2003, b&w category

Nomination for the prize “Authors 2011 SPA/RTP” in the category of Visual Arts, for the "Best Work of Photography" with Street Photography – - Tribute

Winner of the "Best Work of Photography" - prize Authors 2011 SPA/RTP in the category of Visual Arts, February 2011

The most 20 influential Street photographers accordding with Street Hunters readers, 2015

Top Ten best Street Photographers in the world , 2015

The most 20 influential Street photographers accordding with Street Hunters readers, 2016


Several articles and photographs in national and international books and magazines

"Fotografia” (issue 1), Portugal

“Fotografia em português” book, Portugal, 2001

"DigiFotomagazine”, Holland , 2007

"Onexposure Year BooK”, world edition

“Advanced Images Photography” (issue 44), Malaysia, 2009

"Photo Creator" (issue 86), Malasya, 2009

"Fotodigital" - online magazine "zOOm” (issue 6), Portugal, 2011

Booklets "Gentes" and "Urbanices", 2005 Book

"Street Photography ", 2010

Work about streets of Macao, invited by Mr. Yang Shaoming, president of SWECP (Society of World Ethnic Chinese Photographers ), and by Macao Foundation, to capture the daily life in Macao.


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Transindex RO

Immortalized Frames (68th place)

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